ban sabai big buddha leading spa on koh samui thailand big buddha beach wellnes at its best direct on the beach in traditinal teak wooden pavillions - an experaince not to miss thia massage aroma oil aromatherapy facial wellness and to be pampered - rejuvenation and detox weilghtloss available


Spa Treatments at Ban Sabai - Big Buddha, Samui

 The prime Spa on Koh Samui right on the beach located, nestled in a tropical garden paradise
a truly tropical experiance with in nature an oasis of wellbeing.



at Ban Sabai Big Buddha Retreat & Spa

Room Reservations Ban Sabain Big Buddha
Koh Samui

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  About us

With its balmy tropical weather and turquoise waters, Ban Sabai Big Buddha Spa Resort is an exotic destination to relax and recharge your batteries with a range of spa and health treatments.

Ban Sabai Big Budda offers treatment suites for couples or individuals, with private changing and shower facilities. It also features private herbal aromatherapy steam rooms and Spa treatments that are inspired by ancient Thai rituals and ingredients.



Classical Thai Massages 120 Minutes (PRICES HERE)


An ancient traditional art, this method of massage was formerly administered only in temples- 'wat' - grounds by masters with healing abilities. By exerting pressure on specific points of the body and by manipulating muscles and ligaments, the spine is elongated and relieved of tension. The sense of well-being as energy and flexibility are brought back into your body is extraordinary.


Herbal Oil Massages 120 Minutes (PRICES HERE)


Our herbal oil massage- using various blends of spice, citrus, aromatic, warm-up and citronella oils- is a combination of a classical Thai and oil massage. This type of massage is a soft and smooth way of feeling on top of the world again. We especially suggest this for people with little experience of Thai massage.


Herbal Steam Massage 120 Minutes (PRICES HERE)


This type of massage is a combination of classical Thai massage and steamed herbs. A herbal pack contains more than 15 different ingredients which is gently pressed onto your body. The herbal steam massage leaves you with a relaxed and satisfied sense of well-being.


Foot Massage 60 Minutes (PRICES HERE)


A treat for one of the body's most important parts. After the pressure point massage, we offer a foot masque and herbal oil treatment.


Facial Massage 60 minutes (PRICES HERE)


The traditional way of purifying and nourishing your face using natural products, such as our herbal cleaner, and honey from the North of Thailand- as well as root masks and a soft pressure point massage. This relaxing facial treatment will make your skin silky smooth, giving you a fresh and healthy feeling. Our Facial Massage is popular with men and women of all ages.


Body Masque 90 Minutes (PRICES HERE)


We offer several masques- wraps containing papaya, honey, cucumber, yoghurt, pineapple, coconut, or herbals with white mud. This revitalising treatments gives energy and elasticity to your skin and relaxes your body and soul. Select from our various packages.


Detox Body wrap 60 Minutes (PRICES HERE)


Body wrap is a detoxification treatment that ensures deep relaxation. With this treatment you get wrapped in mud, herbs, coffee bean extracts, foil and a warming blanket.


Body Scrub 60 Minutes (PRICES HERE)


A gentle and relaxing way to remove old dead skin from your body. This treatment will rejuvinate your skin and leave it fresh which is followed by a rub with Aloe Vera moisturizer.


Aroma Therapy 60 Minutes (PRICES HERE)


A meditative massage with orama oils onto your body. Ideal for jet lag, exhausted or sun burned bodies.


Aroma Floral, Herbal or Spicy Bath 60 Minutes (PRICES HERE)


This treatment will take you out of your body, making you feel light and meditative. We combine the senses of flowers and herbs that will revitalise you body and soul.


Herbal Steam Sauna (PRICES HERE)


The natural way of relaxing your muscles, refreshing your skin and opening your breathing channels. Can be enjoyed before or after a massage, or simply on its own.


Body Waxing (PRICES HERE)


Remove unwanted hair from your body, arms, legs, back and bikini line.


Manicure/Pedicure each (PRICES HERE)


Feel good from your fingers to your toes. Cleaning nails, herbal hand wash/foot bath, cutting and filing, nail cream and lacquer.


Ionto AHA Facial Peeling 45 min (PRICES HERE)


A facial peeling followed by a fruit acid cream which is firming your skin, alleviate the fine lines which we all develop and stimulate the construction of new collagen.


Ultrasound Facial 45 min (PRICES HERE)


Sound waves enhance the absorption of the natural essences such as Ginseng, Aloe Vera, minerals and vitamins through the lower part of the skin.




Rachavadee Package 2 hours (PRICES HERE)


Body scrub, Aroma Therapy, Facial Massage.


Ylang Ylang Package 2 hours (PRICES HERE)


Body Scrub, Aroma oil or herbal steam Massage, Facial or Foot Massage.


Ratree Package 2 hours (PRICES HERE)


Body Masque/wrap, aroma oil or herbal steam Massage, Facial or Foot Massage.


Orchid Package 3 hours (PRICES HERE)


Classic Thai, facial or foot Massage.


Lotus Package 3 - 4 hour (PRICES HERE)


Herbal Steam Sauna, Aroma oil or Herbal Steam and foot massage.


Jampee Package 4 hours (PRICES HERE)


Herbal Steam Massage, deep-relaxing Body scrub, pampering facial Massage , given you a fresh new smile.


Heliconia Package 3 hours (PRICES HERE)


Body masques, Aroma Therapy, completed with a Foot Massage.


Water Lily Package 2 hours (PRICES HERE)


Body Scrub to remove the dead skin and give your skin a new breath. Followed by one of our Aroma Bath for deep relaxation.


Bird of Paradise Package 3 hours (PRICES HERE)


Select on of our Aroma Bath followed by an Aroma Therapy or Body Masque


Dala Package, 5 hours (PRICES HERE)


Herbal Steam room, Classical Thai, Herbal Steam - or Aroma oil Massage, Body Masque and foot massage.


Jasmine Package, 6 hours (PRICES HERE)


Started by a Body Scrub, Herbal Steam Room, select a Royal Classic Thai, Aroma oil or Herbal Steam Massage, Aroma Bath for deeply relaxation. To round up your feeling of well-being with a foot Massage.


In between we are serving some fruits and a spa gift.